Site Guide: Roy Vera,R.T., MBA Publisher, Author and Consultant for the medical staffing industry.
Many starting a staffing agency find themselves in a position that they have trouble finding
talent to fill the shifts needed within there staffing agency.  But, most starting a staffing
agency dont even realize how easy it is to find all the talent you need.  Also, it is also easy
not only to find talent, but you can do both recruiting for your staffing agency and provide a
temp to hire with over 25% commission that can actually create a huge revenue stream in
the tens of thousands a month.  That is what this Coaching series does.  We focus on the
many revenue aspects of Recruiting within the staffing arena.  You will learn and get all the
tools you need to take advantage of the many different platforms to create a multiple stream
of income for your staffing agency.  The 1 on 1 training will commence immediately and we
will begin scheduling you for your weekly training sessions.  

This is what you get below:

•         Four Weeks of Training for 1 hour a week. (Recruiting)  $1500.00  Value.
•         One Modules given to you each week for Recruiting Training
•         Meet via Tele-seminar
•         All Tele-conferences are Recorded and we will email you them after each session.
•        Start your own Medical Staffing Agency $39.95 Value
•         The workforce staffing network calculator: $29.95 Value
•         Recruiting Dynamics $189.00 Value
•         Pricing Strategies $99.00 Value
•         Access to Articles
•         Access to Resources
•         Understand this Business
•         Find Candidates
•         Recruiting Techniques
•         Access to Newsletter
•         Learn from an experienced staffing expert   
•         Payroll Funding Access.
•         Access to Staffing Software
•        How to Build Your Target List
•        How to Identify Great Leads
•        How to Find and Recruit Top Talent
•        How to Set Up Your ATS
•        How to Search for Talent via Social Media and Mobile
•        How to pay your employees if you are limited on funds
•        How to build a talent database
•         And, much, much more.

Total Price: $1,500

Please call me at 562-552-0850 or email me at if you have any further

Thank you
Roy Vera R.T., MBA
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Silver Coaching Mentorship Series: Recruiting Coaching

Below you will find an overview of our 1 -1 Training Package for the VISMedical Training
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