Site Guide: Roy Vera,R.T., MBA Publisher, Author and Consultant for the medical staffing industry.
Besides making sure you are ready for business with the right licensure, the right forms, the
website, the right marketing, the right information, Coaching and Training, We also take you
by the hand and train you with a rigorous one on one to get staffing contracts.  Our goal is:
What’s the point in getting you all the right material, but you don’t have a way to make
revenue and get contracts.  For us, getting you through the doors and securing contracts is
our main goal and that is why, after you have completely set up your business and you are
ready to open doors with our training, then we open our doors and we begin a rigorous, real
world, get out there and begin the process to get your contracts.  Each week builds on itself
once you are ready to secure contracts.  Keep in mind that besides everything you are
getting below, you are also getting two very important things that include both giving you the
correct documents/forms for your particular niche included in this package and the Get
Staffing Contracts 1 on 1 training with me directly.  The 1 on 1 training will commence once
we make sure you have all your documents/forms/website/insurance/etc ready and then, we
begin the marketing phase.  

This is what you get below:

•         Four Weeks of Training for 1 hour a week. (Get Staffing Contracts)  $1500.00  Value.
•         One Modules given to you each week for Get Staffing Contracts Training
•         Meet via Tele-seminar
•         All Tele-conferences are Recorded and we will email you them after each session.
•         12 Week How To Start A Staffing Agency Module  $500.00 Value
•         Start your own Medical Staffing Agency $39.95 Value
•         The workforce staffing network calculator: $29.95 Value
•         Contracts and Staffing Forms $200.00 Value
•         Medical Staffing Business Plan $34.00 Value
•         Recruiting Dynamics $189.00 Value
•         Pricing Strategies $99.00 Value
•         Mandated Topics $99.00 Value
•         Get Staffing Contracts $795.00 Value
•         Access to Articles
•         Access to Resources
•         Understand this Business
•         Brand your Business
•         Sales and Marketing access
•         Find Candidates
•         Find Clients
•         How to develop Business
•         Recruiting Techniques
•         Access to Newsletter
•         Learn from an experienced staffing expert
•         Total of 6 additional hours of Coaching you can use at your disposal.  $2100.00 Value
•         Email consulting sessions.
•         5 page website $1500.00 Value
•         Guaranteed all the documents, forms for your one niche to fit your particular State.
•         Lifetime access to the live staffing training teleseminars.
•         Payroll Funding Access.
•         Access to Staffing Software
•        How You Charge and Get Paid for Your Services
•        How to Build Your Financial Goals
•        The Formula for Landing A Client Meeting & Job Order
•        How to Build Your Target List
•        How to Identify Great Leads
•        How to Get Your First Client and Beyond
•        How to Find and Recruit Top Talent
•        How to Set Up Your ATS
•        How to Search for Talent via Social Media and Mobile
•        How to pay your employees if you are limited on funds
•        How to build a talent database
•         And, much, much more.

Total Price: $5,000

Please call me at 562-552-0850 or email me at if you have any further

Thank you
Roy Vera R.T., MBA
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