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The Gold Coaching Mentorship Series is designed for those that either have started or are
wanting to Get Staffing Contracts.  This mentorship series is designed to help you if you
already started your own staffing agency and are having trouble finding contracts.  It is also
designed for existing staffing agencies wishing to grow there current business.  This
mentorship series has helped new startup staffing agency and has also helped staffing
agencies that have had millions of dollars in yearly revenue.  We meet once a week on a 1
on 1 teleseminar recorded series.  You will receive each recording to use for both training
and review.   Get Staffing Contracts 1 on 1 training with me directly.  The 1 on 1 training will
commence scheduling you immediately upon purchase.  

This is what you get below:

•         Four Weeks of Training for 1 hour a week. (Get Staffing Contracts)  $1500.00  Value.
•         One Modules given to you each week for Get Staffing Contracts Training
•         Meet via Tele-seminar
•         All Tele-conferences are Recorded and we will email you them after each session.
•         Get Staffing Contracts $795.00 Value
•         Access to Articles
•         Access to Resources
•         Understand this Business
•         Sales and Marketing access
•         Find Clients
•         Access to Newsletter
•         Learn from an experienced staffing expert
•        The Formula for Landing A Client Meeting & Job Order
•        How to Build Your Target List
•        How to Identify Great Leads
•        How to Get Your First Client and Beyond
•         And, much, much more.

Total Price: $1,500

Please call me at 562-552-0850 or email me at if you have any further

Thank you
Roy Vera R.T., MBA
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Gold Coaching Mentorship Series: Get Staffing Contracts

Below you will find an overview of our 1 -1 Training Package for the VISMedical Training
and Coaching Program For Get Staffing Contracts.
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