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Review: Word of Mouth Recruiting Techniques

Roy Vera, RT, MBA  VIS Medical
Word of Mouth Recruiting Techniques
by Roy Vera, RT, MBA

Since marketing is continually and dramatically changing and evolving, recruiting must also
fluid and dynamic in order to attract recruits.  Word of mouth campaigns or (WOM)
have been causes of studies by researchers of Yale School of Management and Harvard
Business School.  The results found that non-clients pack is much larger
WOM than loyal

What does this mean to you working in the medical staffing industry?  It means that
WOM is
by far the best free publicity to use to create a whirlwind of interest for your company both
for clients and recruiting.  Getting people to
talk about your company among each other
and recommending your company is the goal of

Imagine having candidates call you because you were recommended by XYZ Hospital, who
knew of a friend that worked for your company and they said they were very happy with
your pay rates and your customer service!!! WOW! That’s the kind of
WOM we are talking
about and that is the goal to help you create a
WOM advertising.

We want to create a buzz around your medical staffing agency.  The buzz can either be
created by you or it can be created by others.

WOM is what will create more recruits and lead to more placements and happier clients.  
The target of
WOM should be the potential recruits, the ones you have not advertised to,
the once that only through
WOM can be reached.  They are the ones that you want to
receive phone calls from, mainly because if they are calling you then it means they are
actually interested in working for your company.  Best of all it does not cost you anything in
add dollars..

Potential recruits will call you if they received a recommendation from someone else.  
Generally clinicians will call you if they know and trust the source.  

You can join organizations that specialize in
WOM such sites like (LinkedIn) and (WOMMA).

How To Create The Buzz For Your Medical Staffing Firm.

Lets take a look at one way to begin creating a BUZZ using WOM for your medical staffing

Your medical staffing firm must have a reason to have a buzz in the first place.  Is
your company or services interesting and different than your competition.  Are you
providing something new that has not been offered in the past.  Do you have higher rates,
are you offering a Nintendo DX package for those who sign up with your company?  It may
sound funny, but we have to be creative in order to stand out from the crowd.  

It is easy to send a add campaign with the same old boring stuff on it.

Medical staffing company offering higher rates, with a sign on bonus.

Think about what drives people, what people go crazy for and would do just about anything
for to get.  

As a medical staffing agency you have to be unique   It does not matter that we are in the
business of providing medical staffing.  The product or service is not as important as much
as how you or the way you do business that makes you unique.

The beauty of
word-of-mouth advertising is that it does not cost you anything and any
medical staffing company can do it just by thinking outside the box and providing good
quality customer service.

Their are many, many ways to create a Word Of Mouth advertising for your medical staffing
firm beyond the scope of this report.  This report is intended to help promote an
box thinking for staffing firms
, especially agencies starting out or are new to the medical
staffing industry.
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