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Review: What Kind Of Service Do You Want To Supply?

Roy Vera, RT, MBA  VIS Medical
Nov 2006
What Kind Of Service Do You Want To Supply?
By Roy Vera, MBA,RT.

Let’s review some of the basic types of service that a medical staffing agency can provide.  
Some companies specialize or they can provide all these services.  

Short term or long term medical temporary help

Per Diem staffing

Local contracts

Traveler’s contracts

Locum Tenens

Direct hire,

Temp To Hire

Lets say your medical staffing company called “medRus Staffing” gets a call to provide a local
contract for one week using a nurse.  You provide the nurse to the facility; this then places you
under the “short term” staffing category.  The same facility then calls you and is very happy
with the nurse and wishes to use her/him continuously and signs a three month contract with
you, (Long term).  Then the facility after two months asked if it’s ok to hire the nurse after three
months (Temp To Hire). You agree on the payment to hire the nurse (Direct Hire).  In effect
you have transitioned from a local registry to a direct hire placement firm.  
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