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Review: Strategic Marketing For Medical Staffing Agencies

Roy Vera, RT, MBA  VIS Medical
Nov 2006
Strategic Marketing For Medical Staffing Agencies
By Roy Vera, MBA

Lets talk about strategic marketing and how it relates to the medical staffing industry.  

How can a medical staffing agency create an environment to promote a strategic
marketing effort from its staff to increase productivity and profit?  The strategic
marketing effort needs to transcend old habitual routines.  The strategy within the
power of leveraging will produce more profitable and larger results than otherwise
would.  What are the drivers, the path and the basic formulation to begin the power
of leveraging to take hold the strategic marketing effort?

Let’s take a journey to illustrate this very important question.  Because the question
above will be the difference between growing your medical staffing organization
verses your organization dying a horrible death.

I have identified and refined these drivers using my experience, actual field research,
and the great canons in the field of business growth.

Lets take a look at the primary driver, and let’s examine how this driver directly
relates to the medical staffing business.  


It is amazing how many medical staffing agencies are unaware of the power of
leverage marketing within this environment.  It is so simple, yet so unwisely used.  
The cost is fixed within your effort, expense, time and opportunity costs.

How? A recruiter or a business development representative (In many cases it’s the
same person) whether he or she secures one appointment or twenty a day, It will cost
you the same fixed amount.  The same fixed amount maintains itself regardless if you
or your staff secures one contract or ten a day.  The fixed amount stays the same if
you secure four new accounts or five a month.

The opportunity cost, effort and expense to place an ad or walk into a hospital
whether you secure one account or ten are the same.  If you close a new account
10% of the time or 50% of the time the fixed costs are the same.  If the contract you
secure produces $2,000 a year or $200,000 the initial fixed costs are the same for
the new account.

Your costs are the same within your effort, expense and time to run a mailing
campaign that may produce 0.5% response or 6% response.  It costs you the same
to attend trade shows or visit colleges to recruit new candidates whether they convert
2% or 20%.  The fixed costs are the same whether you spend $10,000 on your
marketing budget to attract 5 clients or 500 clients.  The costs are the same to
secure new contracts whether you close 1, 5 or 10 out of 100.

I think you get the idea of what I am talking about.  Being able to strategically
leverage yourself to pull in more per effort spent will increase profitability.  The power
of leveraging ideally allows you to pull in 1 out of 3 instead 1 out of 20 new accounts.  
This can dramatically increase the bottom line. The power of leveraging allows you to
transform an account from $1,000 a week to $3,000 a week. Getting contracts to
increase the number of placements from one shift to three a month.  If you can get
customers that were not referring anyone to you begin referring five new customers a
year is a strategic marketing leverage that will increase growth substantially.  This is
the power of strategic marketing for medical staffing agencies.  

You must recognize and respect the power of strategic marketing and the role it will
play in the success of your medical staffing agency.

How do you form a strategic marketing plan?

Create an internal analysis of your current marketing efforts.  Make sure to identify
all the activities, processes and tasks, and then determine the best avenue to
improve upon them.  Lets examine how you go about finding them.

1. Find the recruiter or business development representative that has achieved
better results than anyone else.  If it is you, then identify the areas you have excelled
on.  Create a modeling effect on those individuals.  Apply those skills to everyone in
your organization and make sure everyone understands the importance of this new
avenue.  Write the processes down and use as a blueprint.  Don’t horde the
information for fear of people stealing your methodology.

2. Find other staffing companies within the same field who have shown success and
are better at doing what they do than you.  Borrow their success and make it your

3. Benchmarking: Go outside your industry, find companies that have proved to be
great in there area of expertise.  Look at their business practices; how the people
interact with clients, what makes them successful.  Uncover and refine there business
practices, what makes there ads so great? How do they secure appointments? How
do they close a deal? What is there presentation style?

You can then adapt, use and apply those processes to your medical staffing agency
on a regular basis.  Make it a common practice to continually do what works, review
what you are doing then make sure it is still working.   Review what you are doing and
determine what can be added to the strategic marketing plan to leverage your
actions.  Eliminate the under performing activities and increase the activities that
produce the higher returns.  

Using the strategic approach to marketing and leveraging your actions will allow your
medical staffing agency to grow faster, more effectively and with less effort on your
part.  The number of clients will grow along with the amount charged per client.  The
key to generating leveraged revenue lies within the power of strategic marketing.  
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