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Review: How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Medical Staffing Agency

Roy Vera, RT, MBA  VIS Medical
Nov 2006
How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Medical Staffing Agency
By Roy Vera, MBA,RT  2006

In my experience I have seen medical staffing agencies start-up capital range from $5,000
to $300,000.  Having more money does not guarantee success and having less money
does not mean failure.  

How much money you will need will depend on many factors.  Some of which will depend on
if you are planning to rent an office, hire employees or work the business initially yourself.  

Take a look at the bottom list, it will give you a better idea as to the cost opening up a
medical staffing agency.  The list assumes you are opening up an actual office. I have
consulted for many medical staffing agencies and I have seen some of the most successful
medical staffing agencies start from a room in there garage a cell phone and conduct
meetings  at Starbucks.  

Start-Up Expenses (Actual Office)

Rent/deposit                        $600 -$4,000
Equipment:                          $2,000-$5000
Software:                             $500-$2000
Insurance:                           $100-$4000
Signage                              $500-$1500
Leashold improvements      $0-$3000
Legal/Accounting                $200-3000
Owner Salary                      $3000-$5000
Advertising                          $500-$2000
Phone/Utilities                     $200-$700
Misc                                    $200-$500
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