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Review: Lets get ready to make sales calls.

Roy Vera, RT, MBA  VIS Medical
Nov 2006
Let’s get ready to make sales calls.
By Roy Vera, MBA, RT

This process requires some preparation before you dive into making your telemarketing
calls, especially if you are calling a new place or you are new to this type of service. The
following are a few questions to ask yourself that will make you sound ready to provide

Who are you trying to call?
How do I plan on reaching the people on my list?
What is my object of my call?
What are some of the objections I will encounter?
How do I plan on responding to the objections?

Script the call using these questions before you begin your calling campaign..  
Remember, you generally don’t have endless amount of time to make your impact on the
caller.  Actually if you are allowed 20 seconds to get the person to talk to you or provide
the information you need you are doing well.

Determine the reason you are calling by placing yourself on the other end of the call.  
Why should someone talk to you? What makes what you are selling so viable and
needed that they should take the time out of there busy day to talk to you.

Be familiar with the facility or the individual you are calling.  Knowing your audience will
help you specify the needs of the facility and be able to use key terms to peak the
curiosity of the facility or individual.  

When I was a sales person for a medical staffing agency I often had what I called my
“emergency benefit service card” on alert.  I always made sure I could tell the
perspective customer at least two major reasons why they should use my services.  I
never liked being placed in a position that made me sound unsure or unprepared.  Often
times I closed sales by being able to answer questions on the spot and not wasting the
customer’s times by saying, let me get back to you.  This is a crucial deal killer.

Try to avoid putting down the competition to get the business.  This is a deal breaker
that makes you sound desperate.  The facility you are calling may be happy with the
medical staffing company they use, they may have been using them for years, and they
may even be friends.

Having a competitive advantage may or may not get you the contract.  What I mean is
having a beautiful office, glossy business cards, expensive marketing kits and a
secretary with a British accent will only get you so far.  Honestly the medical staffing field
is usually interested in two things.  One.  Can you send a warm body? And two, how
much will it cost me?  

When you call a facility be direct and tell them exactly why you are calling.  If you find
that this method does not work for all your clients, and then simply use what I call my
“curve to go straight” method.  When calling facilities faced with this barrier, I often used
the following tactic to get at least the Directors name.  Once I got the Directors name I
then called a second time in a couple of days.  The next time I called I ask for the
Director by name and say its Mr. Vera calling.  You cannot believe how many times this
tactic worked.  Something about putting a Mr. after your name makes you sound official.

I am mailing a thank you package to the Director, can you please tell spell his correct
first and last name in order to properly deliver this package?

Make sure you always write down the names of the person you are talking to and always,
always be polite.  Gate keepers know you need to get through them in order to get to the

Ok, lets say you get pass the gatekeepers and you finally get an audience with the
decision maker you wish to make a contract with.  WOW! Don’t get nervous, but be
prepared.  I often see books written on this subject suggesting you have elaborate long
scripts prepared.  As I mentioned above, have objections ready to be overcome by well
thought out answers, but don’t scare the client away by shoveling all your information all
at once.  

This is what I would say.

Hello John this is Roy from ABC Medical Staffing, I sent you some information and I
wanted to see what you thought about our prices for radiology technologists.  

I can provide a tech at our cost so you can try them out for free for four hours.  If you are
happy perhaps then we can sign a contract.

I am not kidding, I used this type of script on many of the facilities that I actually closed
contracts with.  It is short and to the point.  Many in the medical staffing industry
understand that you often give training at your cost, this is understood and accepted.  I
simply made it sound that I was doing them a favor by providing a free tech.  I made it
sound that are prices are probably lower, I did not say it, but many assumed this.  These
two factors, lower prices and free were my biggest success strategies in cold calling.
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