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Review: An insiders guide to eliminating medical staffing competition

Roy Vera, RT, MBA  VIS Medical
Nov 2006
An insiders guide to eliminating medical staffing competition
By Roy Vera, MBA,RT.

In my life I have worked and helped many large medical staffing agencies.
I have worked as a recruiter, business development representative, marketing
representative and marketing director.  

Today I provide consulting for the industry as a whole.  The purpose behind why I do
this is very simple.  To help Medical Staffing Agencies make as much money as
possible.  To equip you with viable strategies that can be easily used to grow your
business beyond what you can possibly imagine.  

My ideas are based on the best in the industry that use out of the box thinking
to propel there businesses.  My strategies allow you to turn more of your time and
investments to capture a larger stake in the Industry within your particular niche.  I
have been blessed and very successful advising medical staffing agencies.  I felt I am
able to help a larger segment of the Industry using information based on marketing for
medical staffing agencies.

Eliminating Staffing Competition is based on understanding the dynamics behind
implementing the best practices methodology.   Giant staffing agencies that excel in
this industry do so by understanding those factors.

What makes this methodology so great?

It is founded on the principles that have made this country the dominant financial
figure of our time.  It is based on the teachings that have made Billions of dollars in
increased revenue for companies.  Often times untested, misread, ill treated and the
blind leading the blind mentality are what is driving many staffing agencies.  This style
only leads to an eventual corporate suicide.

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