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Review: How To Get Your Medical Staffing Going And Growing

Roy Vera, RT, MBA  VIS Medical
Nov 2006
How To Get Your Medical Staffing Going And Growing
By Roy Vera, MBA  2006

What is the difference between a medical staffing agency that produces over $300 Million
dollars and an agency that is nearing bankruptcy?

The ideology and structure founded within the core concepts of each of these medical
staffing agencies are like night and day.  The marketing and  the key ingredients are a big
problem if not understood and respected.

To build a great medical staffing agency requires you to begin building much more than
reactivity.  The future success stems within the ideology and differentiation within your

Can your medical staffing agency function without you?  If the answer is no? then your
leverage power and the growth potential as well as maximizing profits and minimizing
expenses are all but an illusive dream.

To site an example: A Starbuck's in Compton can run just as profitable as a Starbuck's in
Seattle.  Why? because the company has used the key drivers to its fullest potential.  
Starbuck's is on autopilot producing revenues in massive digits.

As a medical staffing agency you are constantly faced with “turn-over” It’s a predictable fact
in this industry…

Contract loyalties often are illusive and can change in the drop of a hat….

Loosing contracts beyond your control pop-up now and then….

These and other factors are the traditional barriers that drive this industry to continue
doing business the same old ways.  The companies that begin doing business outside of
this box begin to increase there business almost instantly and with less effort.  

The medical staffing agencies that are considered the giants in the field use 20% of there
effort to produce 80% of there results.  In other words, they spend less time building clients
yet they produce more profits.

How is that possible?

The key is found within the power of the drivers that distinguishes the giants within the
medical staffing agencies and the smaller companies fighting for scraps.  Bare in mind that
when we refer to “giants” it is not based on the number of internal customers, but based on
the financial performance of the medical staffing agency.  

Recognizing that Strategic Marketing is one of the most important facets of growing your
business will allow you to reach upside potential.  There are 9 drivers that relate to the
growth, profitability and competitive superiority within Strategic Marketing for your Medical
Staffing Agency.  

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