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Review: What Destroys A Medical Staffing Agency

Roy Vera MBA, RT  VIS Medical
Nov 2006
What Destroys A Medical Staffing Agency.
By: Roy Vera, MBA  2006

Starting a medical staffing agency is not the challenging aspect of it all.  If you are
considering starting a medical staffing agency usually you have some kind of
background within the medical industry.

It is not uncommon for Registered Nurses, Ultrasound Techs, Radiologists, Nuclear
Techs, etc. to start there own medical staffing agencies.  This is why many staffing
agencies can be successful solely on the fact that the tight niche business is ran by
experienced business owners within the field they are entering.

The core issue that differentiates successful medical staffing agencies form a medical
staffing agency that will be out of business within two years is marketing.  This is the
area that many starting out have little experience in.

Some medical staffing agencies are able to secure contracts initially with the same
facilities they were working for.  This can give a false sense of security when faced with
payroll issues. Payroll will act as a catalyst that collapses your company almost
immediately if not treated with a continuous stream of marketing and funding.
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