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Review: How To Find Medical Staffing Candidates

Roy Vera MBA, RT  VIS Medical
Nov 2006
How To Find Medical Staffing Candidates
By Roy Vera, R.T.,MBA  2006

The following are techniques that have worked for me when I owned my own medical staffing agency and they
worked when I was the Director of
Marketing for a large medical staffing agency.  

Begin calling medical candidates along the geographical area you are initially solicitating for business.  Call
swing shifts for day shift coverage needed and call Day shift for swing shifts needed for coverage.

Begin posting Help wanted adds.  The secret is to post ads as if you already have positions that need to be
filled.  For example:  You can go to and type in the keyword.  “FREE Classified Jobs” Type in a
add and simply say you are looking for a full time X-ray tech to cover shifts in a Hospital or whatever city you
wish.  Begin building your database

Give referral bonuses for the amount of $500 but make sure you stipulate that the bonus will be given upon
the tech completing ten full time shifts.  This way you protect yourself.

Be prepared to interview people daily or weekly.  It’s ok if you don’t have the shifts available.  Don’t make
concrete promises but make it seem that you have coverage available.  By doing this you will have access to

Call a facility  ask the supervisor if you can talk to the staff.  Ask the staff member this question “Do you know
of any registry staff who would be interested in working for a registry at a higher pay rate” Don’t offer them a
job, don’t tell them how much cash, and don’t make it seem you are solicitation.  Usually staff will ask you this
question “Well, how much are you paying” Tell them it depends on experience but we pay higher rates.  

Use the list you purchased and begin calling..  
Calling the candidates at night will be your best bet. If contact
is made with candidates don’t let them hang up until you give them your number and or you get a name and
number of a tech who may be interested in working.  Maximize each phone call to benefit you and get the
most of it.

When you visit a site for marketing purposes.  It is possible to promote your business and avoid being seen
as a threat in a Hospital.  What you do is simply introduce yourself to staff as you are simply walking to or
away from your meeting with the Director or Supervisor.  As you are leaving make up the excuse that you are
just dropping in to say hello and you wanted to give them some marketing material.  Introduce yourself as the
owner or a sales person of your company who provides medical staffing services to several facilities.  Don’t
say more than this, if they bite they will begin asking questions.  

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