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A simple approach to closing your first staffing contract

Roy Vera, RT, MBA  VIS Medical
A simple approach to closing your first staffing contract
By Roy Vera, MBA

I have noticed a trend among entrepreneurs starting there own medical staffing
agency.  The trend seems to be tied into “analysis paralysis” too much time is spent
trying to answer all the questions a hospital may ask you.  

I tell all my clients that you will never be totally ready and you will not totally know
what you need until you get out there.  Why? Well, because every facilities
requirements are different.  Sure, you have many similarities, but those often become
nuances when compared to what each facility feels they need in order to stay ahead
of government oversights.     

Analysis paralysis is a huge problem and getting my clients moving required me to
come up with ingenious ways to force them to get out there and close there first
account quickly.

How? Well first I needed to make sure they did have all the legal requirements to
satisfy the basic needs of starting a medical staffing agency.  They needed to have
proper insurance, legal structure was done and they possessed a contract for the
facility along with the ability to find employees.  I also made sure they had ready
available documents, I covered this angle by offering it in my website

I told my clients forget about all you learned concerning marketing.  The medical field
is a different animal.  More specifically I concluded that the medical field can be seen
as inversely proportional to the rest of the nation’s economy.  

Once the legal stuff was out of the way I did the following:

Plan to visit the largest facilities in your region.  Do not spend time in the small
offices, simply put the energy you spend must be value added.

Next, carry the following marketing material with you.  Business cards, contract and
price list, that’s it, don’t carry fancy color brochures or enhanced video tutorial of the
awesome service you can perform.  

Become familiar with the gatekeepers and decision makers of each of the facilities
you will visit.  You can do this by cold calling and asking who these people are.  

Each major Hospital has different divisions within it, although you may discover that
the facility has contracts with other staffing agencies and may even may have a
contract with a VMS company (Vendor Management System) if this is the case you
simply call the VMS company and ask to be placed in there vendor list to cover

Approach the major facilities as a backup initially, don’t try to position yourself to get
rid of your competition.  You don’t know how long your competition has been there or
what kind of relationship they may have.  An aggressive yet soft approach often wins
in getting a contract.  

If you spend time in these major facilities, get to know the decision makers and offer
your services as a backup you will get a contract. O’h I almost forgot the most
important thing.  Offer the decision maker to send one of your employees for free for
8 hours to test your company, but make sure they sign the contract before you send
the employee.  Tell them that it is simply a formality in order to be able to send an

They sign the contract, you send the employee and know you have a reason to keep
visiting and I guarantee they will use you in the future.  Spend a little upfront to get a
lot in the back-end.  


Roy Vera, R.T., MBA
Roy Vera, R.T., MBA

VISMedical was created by Roy Vera, R.T., MBA: His website deals directly with issues related to
the medical staffing industry. Roy is an accomplished publisher, author and consultant for the
medical staffing industry:

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