Site Guide: Roy Vera,RT,MBA Publisher, Author and Consultant for the medical staffing industry.
Resource For The Medical Staffing Industry
So what is it that I am offering?

  • Copy of my ebook: “How To Start A Medical Staffing Agency”             $39.95
  • Copy of “Recruiting Dynamics”                                                                $187.00
  • 2 hours of Phone Consulting                                                                    $700
  • Six Months Of Email Consulting                                                               $1200
  • Free monthly Newsletter                                                                           $150
  • Access to Our resources online                                                               $300
  • Mandated Topics                                                                                        $99.00
  • Pricing Strategies                                                                                       $99.00

         Total Value     $2,775.95

All Of The Above For Only $495.00

You will have access to all the above information and consulting worth just under $3,000 for
only $495.00.  Keep in mind that this price gives you access to phone consulting that is worth
$700.00 and the 6 months of email consulting worth $1,200.  

We start by you initially receiving the copy of my ebook “How to start a medical staffing
agency” and a copy of my Recruiting Dynamics ebook.  At the same time you will receive a
copy of   mandated topics. I give you a chance to read the information and get familiar with
the industry.  You then prepare a set of questions emailed to me that you will want answered
in our phone consulting session.  

I then email to you our phone appointment, usually done two weeks after you email me the
questions for our phone consulting sessions.  The sessions can be done in one two hour
block or we can create two hone hour blocks.  I usually allow the first 10 to 15 minutes as a
time to introduce ourselves before we get into the meet and potatoes of your questions.  

The email consulting begins as soon as you purchase the mentoring program.  I encourage
you to first use your phone consulting session so I can better gauge what level of experience
and knowledge you are in.

You will continue to receive updates via our monthly newsletter and continue to have access
to the website.  
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Ultimate Start-Up Package
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