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Is Cash Flow A
Problem For Your
Medical Staffing
Today, the biggest obstacle facing a temporary employment service is negative
cash flow!

Starting a Medical Staffing Agency can be very profitable once you overcome
the initial startup phase and overcoming negative cash flow issues.

This page was originally designed to recommend factoring companies.  But,
after much debate and thought I have decided to instead of sending my clients
to factoring companies, I would instead supply an easy to read ebook on the
many different ways you can fund your staffing agency.

You see, factoring is a great and viable source of money, but often times many
other sources are ignored.  I realized that not everybody wants to do factoring
and knowing other avenues to acquire funding will help foster your business.

Keep in mind that some of these resources you may have heard of and some
you never have heard off.

I created this ebook mainly because so many in the medical staffing industry
were struggling figuiring out how to pay there employees.  

If you are unfortunate enough to have bought into the franchise concept for
medical staffing, then you will agree with me that after spending $30,000 and
you still don't have
clients, how are you going to pay your employees.

The point is, this ebook was written specifically for the medical staffing industry.  
It does not matter if you are a nurse staffing, nurse recruiter, LVN, Ultrasound
staffing, radiology staffing, medical staffing recruiter, all can benefit from this
ebook on how to fund your medical staffing agency.