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The Roy Vera Newsletter

“A Galaxy Far Far Away”

Dear Friend

I decided to change the way I am going to write my newsletters.  Why, the truth is I don’t
want to be boring, or talk about boring issues that will drive you away and not learn a
darn thing.

You need to pay attention what will be written here because it will be different than
anything you are currently reading or have read in the past.  Things may not make
sense at first or you may wonder what I am talking, or how does it relate to the staffing
industry….?  Well, it does, you just have to be patient.

If you are not willing to be patient and learn something new or experience a better way
of doing something then perhaps the staffing industry may not be for you.  I am not
trying to offend you, its just that the staffing industry (if you have not seen it already) is
very cut-throat…….

I spent the last month online reading and talking to different people, both people that
are currently starting and have been in business for over five years.  Listen, what I
found out confirmed my worst nightmare scenario for any new staffing agency.  I know a
lot of people don’t want to talk about this and the fact is you may not want to hear it!!!

It is worse than you think!

I must have read over 300 online articles on starting a staffing agency from different
sources.  Everybody online is claiming to be an expert, I was reading an article from this
guy who wanted to sale me this great package for $1500.00.  Wow! Ooh!  I emailed him
and wanted to know exactly what the heck! Was I going to get…I mean, the fact is, one
of you may have already paid him the money so I want to know what makes his product
so great?

This guy basically was selling a website package and was hiding it as a staffing
opportunity.  That really got me angry.  What the heck was he doing online promoting
his stuff to people genuinely interested in starting a staffing agency.  I won’t tell you
what words came out of my mouth but it reminded me of my father.  Ya! Ya! I know, but
it has a relevance, remember I told you to be patient.  It will all make sense.  My father
always told me…

What ever you do, do it right!

As a child I grew up believing this, and for the most part, my conscious mind tried hard
to promote this way of thinking.  I remember telling other people this life lesson of mine.  
The thing was that my dad was very good at telling other people how they should do

Not knowing any better, I really believed everything he was telling me, after all isn’t the
job of a father to instruct his children.  Heck, that’s my job today, but it took me several
years after turning 18 to realize that my father planted a seed in me that today is still

Although my father made many mistakes in his life, the one thing he told me stuck in my
head and I have worked on doing things right.  Anyway, nothing in life in my opinion is
worth doing unless you plan on doing it right.  

The moral to the story is believing people who have been there and done that.  The do
what I say and not as I do died many years ago.  Yet , many call on mighty sourcerers
to conjure up the dead in hopes of revitalizing the energy they posses.  This energy
then can help to awaken the giant within you and create a life you have hoped for.  

Anyway, I later realized that many people do things like my dad.  They tell other people
how to do things, yet they themselves do not do or have never done what they are
telling people to do.  

The guy who was trying to sale his web design business to staffing agencies in my
opinion is a faker and a failure.  Nothing upsets me more than people trying to push
things that don’t really produce or are what you tell people they are.  

A lot of Con-Artists Online Today

I know I will be upsetting many people and I plan on exposing the many fakers online.  A
staffing agency needs more than a simple ABC formula to getting started.  I know this to
be true, I try hard to tell people not to believe those online offers to starting a staffing

Why am I so confident and Guru like!  Maybe because I have a big head or I think I am
the best!  Maybe its true or maybe not!  The fact that I have an MBA degree and have
served as salesperson, marketing director and owner of my own staffing agency have
anything to do with it? maybe!

If I know anything I know staffing, but what the heck does all this have to do with what I
want to talk to you about?  Listen!  Part of learning in life is realizing when you make a
mistake.  Many people think I may be perfect!!! But, I assure you, I am not!!!!!.  

I have in the past-recommended new staffing agencies to consider the concept of
Factoring in order to start financing their own staffing agency.  I even went as far as
sign an exclusive deal with a factoring company to try to get better rates for my clients.

Boy! Was that a mistake!

Before I knew it, I realized what a mistake this is! Why! because, you are basically using
a company and paying them a high percentage of your pay to get started.  You are
placing yourself in credit debt before you have a chance to get started.  

Listen, today I will only be recommending Factoring companies for existing staffing
agencies that want and are looking for growth.  The fact is, existing staffing companies
already have a revenue stream.  Using a factoring company can help foster new
business and growth at the same time free up capital.

Yet, new staffing agencies do not have capital.   They are struggling and can easily fall
under in less than three months.  I want my clients to know the dangers of starting a
staffing agency.  I don’t believe you should listen to your heart, but use your brains!  
You know! That stuff inside your hear!  

So How To Finance A Staffing Agency

Listen, I always tell my son who is very young that you must understand the difference
between fantasy and reality.  When my son goes into his fantasy world and wants to
create a time machine to visit the dinosaurs…. I stop him and remind him that he has a
wonderful imagination, but I want him to know the difference between fantasy and reality.

So, how in the heck does this relate to “Financing A Staffing Agency?” well, it does.  I
have been consulting for many new entrepreneurs and the one major concern I get is
how do I finance my invoices once I begin to staff facilities.  

Look, the fact is you cannot or should not start a staffing agency unless you have
already saved enough capital to sustain you for six months.  Let’s get back to business
basics 101.  It is never advisable for anybody to start any business without having
enough capital to sustain you.

Frankly, think about it like this, would you open a StoreFront with no capital and hope to
find money to pay the rents the first six months.  Nobody will allow you to sign a lease
without having capital to pay for the lease for atleast one year.  

It is not different in the staffing industry

You need to have a source of capital, I strongly encourage anybody interested in
starting a staffing agency to have the following figured out.

One: Make sure you have atleast $30,000 of revenue set aside to pay for your initial
invoices.  Don’t send me an email asking me “didn’t you say in your book that anybody
can start a staffing agency under $2,000? Yes I did!!!!  But, What I am talking about
here is paying your invoices without using a Factoring company for new start-up
staffing agencies.  

Two: Make sure you start a staffing agency that you, yourself can work or have a
partner that can cover shifts.  This way you are able to create a revenue source and at
the same time cover your shifts without the money issue.  

One of my clients started a staffing agency with $30,000.  They found that the money
was a great boost for the first two months.  They soon began to receive payments for
the accounts payable.  They kept the $30,000 to help pave the way for future growth or
slow times.  

The reality of any new business if revenue.  You can have all the best business
practices in the world, have a great recruiting team and even find clients.  But if you don’
t have money to pay your employees, they will leave as you will be out of business.  

I always recommend starting a staffing agency you can work to cover those shifts and
not loose accounts.  

Make Lots Of Money

So, I think I have been as honest as I can possibly be.  Reality, reality is very important
in having your perspective in check.  But, the staffing industry is actually a very
profitable and easy to enter industry.  Once you know what the heck you are doing,
then putting the puzzles together is much easier.

One question I am always asked is, why do you give so much information for free?  
Well! If you are one of those people and feel sorry for me then I encourage you to visit
my Donation section and give what you think you have received, I will never say no to

But, on a serious note as many of you know I am always working on getting better
information out to my subscribers. My books and information is based on experience.  I
am planning on launching this year a new series of information.  The information will be
nothing like you have ever seen online before for the staffing industry.  

I am using the latest tools and latest techniques for delivering quality information.  

As soon as my website is ready and I intend to launch it, I will let you all you.

You All!

Funny word, you all!

My old friend Ray Caudell  from North Carolina spoke with that tone.  You must
understand I am a native Californian.  Although I have traveled the entire country and
other countries while service in the United States Air Force during the Gulf War, I am

My friend also served with me and he was a great inspiration.  He was full of kindness
and always was a friend to everybody.  He never said no and helped me out of jams all
the time.  

Why do I write about this story? Maybe because I believe you and I are building a
relationship and my goal is to provide you with the kind of information that you can
actually benefit from.

How can you succeed if you are not given the tools you need to move forward.

I understand!

I really do!  My friend Ray will vouch for me!  The problem is after the military he went
back to North Carolina and I have not spoken to him for over 13 years.  I hope one day
I will talk to him again.  

Anyway, enough about me, what do you think about me?  Just kidding!  LOL

I told you this newsletter will be different than what you have been reading online or off.  
So, how can you benefit from this Newsletter?

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Roy Vera, R.T., MBA
Roy Vera, R.T., MBA

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