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Volume 1, Issue 7
From The Desk Of Roy!

Last issue we dealt with the pros and cons of buying a medical staffing franchise.  This
month lets talk about finding clients for your business.

Your Website As A Marketing Platform

I want to talk about this month concerning the issue of using your website as a platform
to find candidates and secure new accounts.  All to often many new or existing medical
staffing agencies spend tons of money on advertising and marketing mediums that may
not produce results.  The cost at times may not produce the desired results.  

Using your website as a tool is different than surfing the World Wide Web to find
recruits.  The big difference is instead of you trying to find candidates or clients on such
giants as Monster or any niche driven sites, website marketing means that the
candidates and recruits find you.

This relatively new concept for medical staffing companies is fairly new, yet the
marketing success is not new for the online community.  It just has not been used
effectively online for medical staffing agencies, mainly because most if not all medical
staffing businesses are experts at there particular niche and are not experts at online

Most medical staffing companies online do the following:

  • Create a website

  • Create an about us and contact us section

  • Create a sign up form for new recruits

  • Have segments for clients to read about the company

Then you have more advance users that probably paid a little more money and do the

  • Create a Website

  • Create an about us and a contact us section

  • Create a sing up form for new recruits

  • Have a segment for clients to read about the company

  • List the jobs available online

  • Write press releases about themselves

  • Advertise on Monster and other sites

Rarely do any of the above examples produce any viable results online for a medical
staffing agency.

Today, it is estimated that statistically only a small percentage of actual dollars spent on
marketing get trasformed into actual sales.  

It is further calculated that the average company is playing a hit and miss game.  The
problem is that it is not a game and we are talking about dollars being spent on
marketing that is not producing our desired results.

Even giants like Coca Cola realize that the Millions of dollars they spent on marketing is
only being used as a branding tool.  In other words the money they spend on marketing
does not get trasformed into actual dollars.  It is only being used as a reminder that
they exists and bring continual awareness.

You need to ask yourself this question when deciding on spending your marketing
dollars.  Is this a branding tool or is this a transforming tool.

Here is the difference between both examples:

Branding Tool:

Established medical staffing agencies can afford to use Branding tools.  They need to
remind people that they exists, there still here and perhaps remind customers of
potential changes in business structure or use the branding tool as a form to move into
other areas.  More specifically, larger companies use the branding method of marketing
to diversify.  

Transformation Tool:

The smaller, less established companies strugling to get one contract cannot afford to
use the Branding tool at the beginning.  They need to use the Transformation tool.  
The transformation tool must be aligned with the goal to turn your spending dollars into
actual sales for the company.  

You have many  options to acurately use your transorming dollars when it comes to
marketing.  Benchmarketing along with statistical research may reveal certain flaws  
that has traditionally worked and what has failed.

In this case: Our monthly focus is on using your website as a marketing platform to
transform your visitors to actual candidates and clients.

How can we do that?

First, you need to have an open mind and be prepared to think outside the box!

The first thing you need to do is transform your website into an info portal hub. People
need a reason to visit your website.  You want people to want to come to your website
continously and not just by accident. You want to inform and then transform.  Potential
candidates are not only looking for a new jobs, but want to be informed.  

You want to create an actual newsletter that is worth subscribing to.  The information
you provide on the eNewsletter needs to answer and inform your audience on issues
they really want to know about.

You need to begin a regular weekly session of submitting short articles that relate to
your newsletter.  These article are to be posted in atleast a dozen article posting sites.  

Write an ebook: a short ebook on the subject that relates to your newsletter.  Begin
offering the ebook for free as an incentive for people to sign up to your newsletter

Stay with me here for a second and I will explain how all this works to your

Keep in mind that what you are doing is collecting names and email addresses of actual
potential candidates and clients who may be used in the future.

The names and addresses you collect have given you permission to contact them.  The
cost of collecting the information is only the cost of your website and your time.  

The cost to submit articles is Zero

The cost to write a short ebook is Zero

The cost to write a newsletter is Zero

The website was already there so the cost is actually Zero.

Hence the cost to collect the names is actually Zero:

Do you see the direction I am going to yet, if not hang on.

You see, many medical staffing agencies spend Tens of thousands of dollars collecting
names that they can call upon in the event that they need to fill shifts.

What the above example has illustrated is how you can collect names of potential
candidates and clients that you can use.

This is how it can work.  A manager signs up to your newsletter and receives the free
ebook and begins to receive the eNewsletter.  He is happy with the content of the
newsletter and at the bottom of the newsletter you use a "Soft Marketing Technique"
You have a section at the bottom right hand corner that states your companies name
and how you can solve there staffing needs.  You provide a short paragraph of the key
benefits of using you medical staffing agency.

The reason I say the bottom right side is because it has been proven that most people
actually tend to favor the lower right side than any other portion online.

The same can be done with potential candidates.  You actually now have a way to call
or email potential candidates of positions you may have.  They are already receiving
your information online and you know have a way to introduce yourself.

Your ebook can also be filled with resources and quick info guides on how they can
contact you in the event they need staffing assistance and or jobs.

I told you that you need to think outside the box

The above methods fulfill two major criterias.

One:  They don't cost anything to produce

Two:  They create a method to collect names for your database.

Using your website to elicit action and produce results is a sustainable direct action that
has been ignored by many in the medical staffing agency.  Using this method can be a
long lived approach to transformational marketing.

Thinking outside the box will allow you to save money and gain a stronger foothold in
the market.  If your dollars are restrictiive using the above approach will guarantee
sources of free database collection.

You can then use these sources to begin either a direct mail campaign, cold calling,
promotional campaigns and begin filling and finding orders.

To learn more about how you can use your website as a marketing platform email us
with the heading.

"How To Use My Website As A Marketing Platform"

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