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Volume 1, Issue 2
I decided to continue having you as my email consultant after your 6 month period you offer online. I
valued your expertise and experience in the medical staffing field.  Thank you for helping get starting
far less than I had expected.  I am so glad I found your website online.  

Thank you Roy  

Margaret Hatner  

From The Desk Of Roy!

If you are interested in recruiting foreign nurses you will find that the US Government makes it easier
to import RN's.  The three primary means which foreign nurses can work in the USA is.
  1. Green card
  2. H-1B VISA
  3. TN Status (For Canadian or Mexican Nurses only)

Staffing Headlines

Word Of Mouth Recruiting Techniques

This type of exposure is the least expensive advertising medium you can use, but is the most
damaging form of advertising if not  controlled or done correctly.  WOM is what will create more
recruits and lead to more placements for your agency.  

The target WOM should be the potential recruits of candidates and clients that you spend nothing to
capture.  The proper formated branding of your agency can facilitate the positive buzz.  Getting the
buzz started requires an understanding of what causes people to talk about your agency.  Once you
identify this, then you must differentiate yourself  to help promote that buzz.

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Strategic Business Topic

Strategic Marketing For Medical Staffing Agencies

How can a medical staffing agency create an environment to promote a strategic
marketing effort from its staff to increase productivity and profit?  The strategic
marketing effort needs to transcend old habitual routines.  The strategy within the
power of leveraging will produce more profitable and larger results than otherwise
would.  What are the drivers, the path and the basic formulation to begin the power of
leveraging to take hold the strategic marketing effort?

Let’s take a journey to illustrate this very important question.  Because the question
above will be the difference between growing your medical staffing organization verses
your organization dying a horrible death.

I have identified and refined these drivers using my experience, actual field research,
and the great canons in the field of business growth.

Lets take a look at the primary driver, and let’s examine how this driver directly relates
to the medical staffing business.


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