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Questionable Future for Healthcare Staffing

The Healthcare staffing industry has a questionable future if you refuse to
make the marketing changes that will allow you to stay in business.  Why
is it needed to make changes? Because, as a simple business rule of thumb
if you continue to do business the way you are presently functioning, then
you will be out of business in less than five years.

Listen, I am not making this concept up.  When I was finishing my MBA
degree, the first one thing I can honestly say I remember was this very
simple concept, change has to come in any business.

As an example of change:  When I was working as a director of marketing
for a rather large Healthcare staffing agency, the owner of the company
initially focused his marketing specifically in radiology and ultrasound.

The marketing was also focused on computer tomography and nuclear
medicine.  But it was not soon after that the owner of the company
decided to begin marketing nursing.

Nursing was a viable choice and expand his current niche was not a difficult
undertaking.  This particular staffing agency had the infrastructure already
set up.  This allowed the staffing agency to use the existing resources to
push the new niche and begin making new revenue.

The new revenue source eventually became much larger than the initial
revenue from radiology.  Although he kept marketing and focusing on
radiology, the nursing only added substantial income to the bottom line.

I also met another gentleman that had started his staffing agency ten years
ago,  he was able to run he agency as a one person machine.  He worked
the shifts and marketed to hospitals.  His problem was that he never hired
anybody to help him with marketing and he never hired anybody to cover
his shifts.  He never grew beyond a one person operation and eventually
lost his business and ended up working for a staffing agency.

I have many examples of why change is part of staying in business and change
is at the heartbeat of any company.  The questionable future for healthcare
staffing is based on an individual’s ability to adapt and change to stay in

I believe this is a fundamental reality that many don’t really think about when
starting their own healthcare staffing agency.

Move into staffing slowly, don’t spend too much money on trying to get the
best software or the best recruiting tracking software.  Especially stay away from
leasing expensive sites that will lock you into a monthly lease that you may not
be able to afford

Money in a new business is critical and the critical mass is when you run out of
Money.  Keep it simple and you will avoid the questionable future that may come
from many medical staffing agencies.

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staffing consulting, more specifically: how did I develop my website
and learn how to create it and market my website since I have done it
virtually all on my own. Well, the truth is one of my first resources I
used to learn about how to create my website and this business was
Jim Daniels.

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