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Will Obama Care Destroy Medical Staffing?

That is a question that many in the medical staffing industry are asking
themselves, will the Obama care affect a staffing agencies ability to stay in
business.  Hospitals are starting to look at the specifics of what are the changes
in the industry and how are those changes going to affect how hospitals deal
with staffing or more specifically, will they be able to use contracting services to
provide staffing.

Make no mistake, hospitals will take action to make sure they are not placed out
of business.  CEO's will confer with attorney's and hospital managers and
directors will be asked to cut shifts and cut wherever they can.

When the entire Obama care is destined to go on its full fledge roll-out,
hospitals will want to make sure they are positioned to maximize profits
and minimize losses.  Staffing agencies will have to deal with there current
marketing plan by adjusting and formulating a more strategic plan and eal with
the changes in the marketplace.

Will the changes you will have to make be significant and will those changes
allow you to stay in business.  That depends entirely on your ability to stay on top
of those dramatic unforeseen developments that hospitals believe is coming.  
The reason I say believe is coming is because many changes that hospitals
begin to develop based on future changes are at times overrated.

What do I mean by overrated? Well, I have seen many changes in the field and
one thing I know for sure is the industry goes through cycles.  The Obama care is
no different. It’s another cycle that will develop.  What makes one staffing agency
able to ride the storm and stay in business and another company forced to file
bankruptcy is simply learning to work with your finances.

I have seen companies survive simply by watching expenses, being smart about
billing, increasing marketing, increasing recruitment, increasing exposure and
increasing whatever it will take to stay in the forefront of those managers and
directors making the decision to use contracted staff or not.

Yet, hospitals still have to provide services to the patients and they have to
provide that service with their own staff or with contracted staff.  That is the
golden ticket for agencies looking to stay in business.  That is how you will also
stay in business by taking advantage of what hospitals need to provide and you
will be there to provide that service to them.

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