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Access To Staffing Forms, Agreements, Contracts, Checklists And Other
Medical Staffing Forms.

These forms are specific for the Medical Staffing Industry.  You are able to quickly download these
forms and have access to them instantly.  These forms can be customized to fit your company.
Mandated Topics

Name                                                                              Download Format                Price    

Age Specific Requirements Document                                                            MSWord                                 $2.00   

Child Abuse Reporting Document                                                                      MSWord                                 $2.00

Patient Confidentiality Agreement Document     
                                            MSWord                                 $2.00


Name                                                                                Download Format                Price    

Contract between medical staffing agency and facility                                MSWord                                $20.00   

Independent Contract                                                                                             MSWord                                $20.00   

Contingency/Agreement Recruiting  Contract                                                  MSWord                                $20.00   

Split Fee Agreement Contract                                                                               MSWord                               $35.00    


Name                                                                                        Download Format                Price    

Nursing Employment Application                                                                           MSWord                             $15.00    

General Employment Application                                                                           MSWord                             $10.00

Telephone Application Data Sheet                                                                         MSWord                             $5.00  

Background Investigation Release                                                                        MSWord                             $7.00

Direct Deposit Payroll                                                                                                MSWord                             $4.00

Drug Testing Policy                                                                                                     MSWord                             $5.00

Reference Request                                                                                                     MSWord                             $2.00

Hepatitis B Declaration                                                                                              MSWord                             $2.00

Emergency Contact Information                                                                             MSWord                             $2.00  

No Show No Call Policy                                                                                              MSWord                             $2.00

Form W-4                                                                                                                        PDF                                     $2.00

Form W-9                                                                                                                        PDF                                     $2.00

HiPPA Employee Privacy Statement                                                                        PDF                                     $2.00

Employee Eligibility Verification I-9                                                                           PDF                                     $2.00


Name                                                                                        Download Format                Price    

Recruitment Letter 1                                                                                                    MSWord                             $2.00

Recruitment Letter Fax                                                                                                MSWord                             $2.00

Recruitment Letter 2                                                                                                     MSWord                            $2.00

Standard Prospecting Recruiting                                                                              MSWord                            $2.00    

Telephone Recruiting Sheet                                                                                        MSWord                            $2.00

Weekly Telephone Recruiting                                                                                     MSWord                            $2.00

Daily Telephone Recruiting Log                                                                                  MSWord                            $2.00

Standard Hello Letter
                                                                                                   MSWord                            $2.00