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Choose the consulting package that best meets your needs, and your budget!  
We make everything convenient for you. Our office sets up days and times that
are mutually agreable.  You can purchase as many monthly sessions as you wish.
 Our prices have been reduced from our regular hourly rate of $350.00 Per Hour.

Let's Get Started!

Consulting Package A: 2 Phone sessions per month: $147.00
An individual gets 2 phone sessions per month for half an hour.....more info .....

Consulting Package B: 3 Phone  Sessions Per Month $186.00
An individual gets 3 phone sessions per month for half an hour.....more info .....

Consulting Package C: Unlimited Email Sessions Per Month $97
An individual gets unlimited email consulting per month.....more info .....

Consulting Package D:  (Partner Consulting) 2 Sessions Per Month.  $197.00
This is a cost effective consulting package for two individuals to take advantage of
paired phone consulting.  Each sessions is a 45 minute sessions 3 times a month over
the phone
.....more info .....

Consulting Package E:  Pre-paid sessions:  $387.00
Prepaid sessions are paid in advance and you opt to use them as you see fit on a
monthly basis.  The sessions are both email and phone.
....more info ....

Consulting Package F: (Special Offer) Ultimate Start-up Package
Our most popular package, take advantage of receiving all of our ebooks, phone
consulting, email consulting and documents and forms to start your own medical
staffing agency
....more info .....