Site Guide: Roy Vera RT, MBA Publisher, Author and Consultant for the medical staffing industry.
The Ultimate Statr-Up Medical Staffing Agency
e-book - $39.95

This ebook is compiled with unique information on
how you can start your medical staffing agency.  
Revised 2011  

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Medical Staffing Recruiting Dynamics
Manual:  $189.00

This manual provides an out of the box recruiting
methods to find recruits for your medical staffing
agency.   Revised 2011

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Medical Staffing Business Plan
Plan Kit:  $34.00

Medical Staffing Business Plan for entrepreneurs or
existing medical staffing agencies.  Easy to use and
quickly downloads.

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FREE: Guide To Starting A High Income Medical   
Staffing Agency

Price:  FREE

Comprehensive detailed guide that takes you
step-by-step to start a staffing agency.

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Medical Staffing Pricing Strategies
Ebook in XLS Form

Price:  $99.00

Get the mean average of Medical Staffing Pricing
Strategies for the entire States in the U.S. Covering
Dozens of modalities within the medical staffing

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Medical Staffing Mandated Topics
Ebook in PDF Form

Price:  $99.00
(Bonus Included)

This manual is designed to provide the necessary
documents known as “Mandated Topics” to ensure
your employees understand the need and
acknowledge the responsibility to protect the
confidentiality of the patients medical information and
meet all the state and federal requirements as well
as be compliant with the documents needed for any
medical staffing agency when working in a Hosptal.

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Start A Medical Staffing Agency
Get Staffing Contracts.
Ebook in PDF Form

Price:  $795.00

How to get staffing contracts for hospitals, medical
centers, nursing homes, or anything within the
medical industry.  This course is designed to help you
find those contracts you have been having trouble
getting.  If you are new to the business or are a sales
person for a staffing agency or are an existing staffing
agency looking to expand: Then this course is for you.

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