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Recruiting Dynamics:
Manual Details

This manual details the insiders guide to medical staffing recruiting.  Recruiting
Dynamics details how to use 20 percent of your efforts to produce 80 of your results.  
Creating a recruiting strategy is fundamental and can be the difference between
finding your candidates or becoming a medical staffing flop.

Key benefits

Details the actual insider view of what is medical recruiting in the industry.

How to compete in the marketplace and stand out from the crowd.

How to formulate a recruiting planning strategy for branding effect.

Formulating your Unique Recruiting Proposition.

How to advertise for medical staffing recruiting

Listing of job sites that will save your hundreds of hours of research.

How to actually use your website to recruit.

Building word of mouth advertising on a low budget.

The truth behind Direct Mail Recruitment and how to use it properly to recruit.

Sample direct mailers to use at your disposal.

Sample forms, contracts and letters for recruiting

And many, many, more benefits too numerous to mention here........

Manual Contents

Understanding the medical recruiting process
  • Operations
  • Critical communication loop
  • Can you recruit
  • Personality of a recruiter
  • Who actually needs who?
  • Staying ahead of the game!
  • Lost coverage as a percentage to calculate
  • The recruiter’s daily tasks
  • The owner as the recruiter
  • Recruiting planning strategy

What is your unique recruiting proposition
  • What is your URP
  • Lets define URP
  • Breaking down URP

Advertising Recruiting Techniques
  • Advertising options
  • Advertising options
  • Common mistakes medical staffing recruiters do.
  • They were waiting! Until I go there!
  • How to stretch your recruiting dollars in advertising?
  • Factors to consider making your advertising selection

Internet Recruiting techniques
  • Introduction
  • Online Job sites
  • Developing your model for success
  • Low cost online recruiting techniques
  • Set up a free newsletter for your success
  • Advertise in free/low cost classified advertising.
  • Classifieds
  • Use direct emails
  • Utilize ezine advertising
  • Build your website
  • How to promote your website
  • List of job sites.

Direct mail recruiting techniques
  • The competition
  • What works?
  • Securing new recruits
  • The tactfulness of direct marketing
  • Standing out from the crowd!
  • So how do you set up effective direct mail pieces
  • Sample direct mailers

Telephone recruiting techniques
  • Who are you calling?
  • How to best target potential recruits?
  • What is my objective for calling?
  • How to deal with objections?
  • Plan your call
  • Strategic Introductions
  • Strategic scripted introduction call
  • Define your unique recruiting proposition (URP)
  • Closing the deal
  • Recap
  • What impression do you want to make
  • Telemarketing recruiting presentation
  • Leaving voice messages
  • Telephone applicant data sheet
  • Weekly telephone recruiting log
  • Telephone recruiting sheet
  • Daily telephone recruiting log

Job fair recruiting techniques
  • Take a deep breath
  • Specialty job fairs
  • Campus sponsored job fairs
  • General professional job fairs
  • If you decide to attend a job fair
  • Are you being judged by applicants?
  • Standing behind the table or booth!
  • Standing infront of the table or booth!
  • Are you approachable or not?
  • The power of communication
  • Using the database your collected.

Word of mouth recruiting
  • Intro
  • How to create the BUZZ with WOM?
  • Annouce it to the world, or atleast your potential recruits!

Sample forms, contracts and letters
  • Independent Contractro agreement
  • Thank you sample letter #1
  • Thank you sample fax
  • Thank you sample letter #2
  • Employee application
  • Sample Newsletter
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