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Medical Staffing Pricing Strategies

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Format:                        Excel
Year Published:         2007
Ebook Details

This ebook was created using the mean average of what
each modality within the medical staffing industry pays employees and charges
Hospitals.  A mean average to what Hospitals pays there employees is also included.  
Each state in the U.S is included in this excel format.  Each cell has built in formulas
to address changes to each modality.

Keep in mind that this ebook makes every attempt to list the mean average for each
modality in every State.  

Key benefits

You will have instant access to what each modality is charging per State.

You will know what to pay your employees based on standard Gross Margins.

You will know how much to charge Hospitals.

Each cell has a formula for adjustments.

Ebook contents


Although VIS takes every precaution in making sure each modality is priced
accordingly within each State.  A particular State may have a difference in pricing
strategies based on the needs analysis of each particular region within a State.  For
Example: In California the pricing difference between Orange County and LA County
for Xray Techs is roughly $8 per hour.  The mean average should be used as a tool
for your medical staffing agency and modified accordingly.
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