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Mandated Topics:
Manual Details

This manual is designed to provide the necessary documents known as “Mandated
Topics” to ensure your employees understand the need and acknowledge the
responsibility to protect the confidentiality of the patients medical information and
meet all the state and federal requirements as well as be compliant with the
documents needed for any medical staffing agency when working in a Hosptal.

The following is a list of what you will receive in this eManual of Mandated Topics:

Fire Safety
Electrical Safety
Infection Control
Universal Precautions
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis B
HIV Testing and Related Information
Age Specific Care
Confidentiality of Patient Information/HIPPA
Sexual Harassment
Patient Abuse
Multi-Cultural Aspects of Patient Care
HIPPA Privacy Regulations
National Patient Safety Goals
Patient Rights
Domestic Violence
Blood Glucose Monitoring & Management
Advance Directives

BONUS (Agency Handbook)
Agency Administrative Policies and Procedures

•        Responsibility of Accepting An Assignment
•        Appearance, Attitude, Absenteeism and Lateness
•        Being Hired on a “Permanent Basis”
•        Stay In Touch
•        Emergencies
•        Getting Paid
•        Welcome To (Your Company)
•        Employment Guidelines and Agreement
•        Required Credentials and Documentation
•        Scheduling and Reconfirmation
•        Rules While On Assignment
•        Time Sheets Compliance
•        Standards of Conduct
•        Drug Abuse Policies and Procedures

You as a medical staffing employer need to make sure all your employees
acknowledge and sign these documents to be in compliance with Joint Commission
and HIPPA.

Many Hospitals and Medical centers are making it a requirement for medical staffing
agencies to be in direct compliance with JACHO.  

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