Site Guide: Roy Vera,R.T., MBA Publisher, Author and Consultant for the medical staffing industry.
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Who Is Roy?

Roy Vera has the experience, knowledge and skills to help any
entrepreneur start or expand there own medical staffing agency.  Be it in
nursing, radiology, ultrasound, or any healthcare staffing niche

Licenced Radiology Technologist.
Bachelor of Science degree in management.
Masters of Business Administration (MBA degree)

Over 15 years of experience in the medical industry working for and owning
my own businesses.  I have owned and operated multiple businesses.  I
began as an entrepreneur at an early age of 24 making sales in excess of
multi-million dollars. I moved into radiology as a staff tech. then quickly
began a career as a salesperson, soon became director of marketing for
multi-million dollar staffing firms.  I then opened and operated my own
staffing agency, then quickly began my career as a consultant for the
medical staffing industry.  Today, I operate my website offering
encouragement to new or existing entrepreneurs by offering quality and
straight forward information.  

  • United States Air Force Gulf War Veteran
  • Import/Export Medical Supply Business Owner
  • Radiology Technologist Staffing Agency
  • Business Development For Medical Staffing Agency
  • Marketing Director For Medical Staffing Agency
  • Owner/Operator Local Staffing Agency
  • Self-employed Medical Staffing Consultant

Roy has written more than a half dozen books on the topic of Medical
Staffing.  His books have received rave reviews from both entrepreneurs in
the field of medical staffing and those just entering the field of medical

Roy currently publishes articles on the topic of Medical Staffing to various
high profile sites online.  

His consulting has reached a National level.  Roy has helped many
entrepreneurs starting a medical staffing agency across the entire US as
well as Europe and other countries.  His approach is simple yet direct using
his vast experience as well as his keen eye for what works and what does
not work.  His consulting has earned him the respect of his peers and many
of his clients.  

Playing guitar, working on my home,   
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